Immediate Work Available -- Post Free Online Ads -- Get Paid Weekly

You Get paid at Least $1.50 for Everyone that simply looks:

  *Serious Lookers
  *Lookie Lou's 
  *Tire Kickers
  *Just the curious

+ All they enter is their name and Email and You get Paid! +

Once you get this going you'll have the opportunity to earn even more $2, $3 up to $5 for everyone that simply looks.

At the entry level of $1.50 you can earn this monthly:

5 a day x $1.50 x 30 days = $225.00
10 a day x $1.50 x 30 days = $450.00
20 a day x $1.50 x 30 days = $900.00
50 a day x $1.50 x 30 days = $2250.00

No one has to spend a penny in order for you to get paid. Your Job is to get people to look that's it.  You never talk to anyone.  You simply place free classified ads on the internet.  For every person that looks you're paid simple as that. 

You'll be in partnership with a trusted online company in business since 2006 and is rated A+ by the BBB.  Checks are mailed weekly on Friday. We also offer Direct Deposit if you prefer.  

Follow the 2 easy steps below to get started with no out of pocket cost.

Step 1                                                                                                              
Create your account by filling out the form with your Name, Email and selecting a password following the link below.  Make sure to remember the password you select you'll need it to get back into your account.   Follow simple directions to activate your account.  Open your account with no out of pocket cost.  

 To create your account and get started  Click Here

 Step 2

After completing step 1 you're now ready to start placing your ads.  We will provide you with instructions and the top 5 websites you can place your ads for free.  Request this free information by using the contact us link on top of this page.  That's it you're now ready to start placing ads and start work.


Project Payday has been open since 2006.  A well established trusted company with an "A+" rating with the BBB!  100% totally legit way for the average person to really make money at home!


I could not believe anything would be this easy.  I just place my ads in the morning and by afternoon money is flowing in! Almost to good to be true.  Julie H

I got my free information immediately after I requested it.  I made much more than I thought possible in my very first week.  This is great thanks so much it has been a blessing to my family.  Barbara G

I'm doing more and more post everyday, and my earnings are growing just as fast.  This is really an easy way to earn money from home.  I am so glad I found you!  Many thanks.  Jeff W


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